Rising Tide Summit joins reCUP® Recycling Initiative

Inaugural Rising Tide Summit uses reCUPs at their ocean conference in an effort to reduce plastic usage and support California landfill and ocean waste diversion goals

April 17, 2018, Huntington Beach, CA — Without blinking an eye, Rising Tide Summit founder and local ocean advocate, Vipe Desai, added this gathering of key stakeholders working to protect our ocean to the list of reCUP® Recycling Initiative members who are doing everything they can to reduce plastic usage and divert waste from our landfills and oceans.

“Our Rising Tide Summit was an extremely impactful event and reCUPs were one of the main attractions”, said Vipe Desai. “There’s no reason businesses throughout Southern California shouldn’t do the right thing by using reCUPs and making use of the reCUP® Recycling Initiative.” Desai added.

After the two day event concluded, all of the post-consumer reCUPs were collected by local recycling partner, Replenysh, and transferred to Allan Company, another recycling partner and  materials recovery facility (MRF). The reCUPs from the Rising Tide Summit have been staged for baling and will be sold to a recycled paper mill where they will be pulped into recycled    paper.

“reCUPs are made the way paper cups should have been made from the start; with recycling in mind.” said Todd Gasparik, VP of Business Development for Smart Planet Technologies.

The reCUP® Recycling Initiative is a closed-loop collection program that provides businesses, schools, office buildings, retailers, and venues with a way to divert waste from the landfill and our oceans while potentially saving money on costs associated with waste hauling services.

To learn more, visit www.recyclecups.org

About Rising Tide Summit

The Rising Tide Summit is a two-day conference created to raise awareness about the state of our ocean and help the ocean conservation community to unite on issues and solutions by bringing together leaders, thinkers and innovators. The summit was founded by Vipe Desai, ocean activist and CEO of HDX Hydration Mix, to strengthen and encourage more collaboration amongst scientists, government and businesses to drive innovative market-based solutions that will help ensure healthy and thriving oceans for future generations.

For more information about the Rising Tide Summit, please visit https://risingtidesummit.net. Join the conversation #RisingTideSummit.

About Smart Planet Technologies

Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering and intellectual property company       focused on material advancements and recyclability for the packaging industry. Through       innovation, we aim to divert landfill waste and reduce the amount of plastic used in paper-based barrier packaging. To learn more, visit SmartPlanetTech.com and reCUP.earth