a closed-loop collection program for paper cups made with EarthCoating®

Businesses, retailers, office buildings, schools and venues can order reCUPs today in support of using less plastic and diverting waste from our landfills and oceans.

In Southern California, (Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties for starters) the reCUP® Recycling Initiative provides closed-loop collection services for reCUPs and other recyclables. 

1. Retailers start by using reCUPs to serve customers. (Click here to order reCUPs).

2. Customers dispose of reCUPs in designated recycling bins (and are given various incentives to bring their reCUP back to the store should they take them to go).

3. Recycling haulers pick up the reCUPs and bring them to the materials recovery facility (MRF).

4. The MRF weighs and pays the recycling hauler for the materials. The recycling hauler posts the waste diversion metrics and any revenue sharing to a digital dashboard which the retailer has access to.

5. The MRF bales the materials for sale to a recycled paper mill.

6. The recycled paper mill pulps the bales of reCUPs into recycled paper for sale to a packaging converter.

7. The packaging converter produces paperboard packaging out of the recycled paper which they sell to retailers and other business.

Below is a diagram of how the program works:


Once you start using reCUPs, you can arrange for one of our recycling partners to collect your post-consumer reCUPs and other recyclables (plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, etc.) for recycling.

Our recycling partners provide you with a digital dashboard that tracks your waste diversion metrics and any revenue sharing you may be entitled to. That's right, you can keep track of how much waste you divert from the landfill and share* in the recycling revenue. 

*Please note that in order to monetize your recyclables, minimum material weights for each item type must be obtained. To learn more, visit replenysh.com

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To learn more about how reCUPs process through existing paper recycling equipment, download our Repulpability Report now.