Braid Theory’s IGNITE22 Tech Showcase 2018 joins the reCUP® Recycling Initiative

Attendees of the upcoming IGNITE22 conference in San Pedro, CA will have their disposable paper reCUPs collected and pulped into recycled paper

San Pedro, CA, April 10, 2018 — Braid Theory’s co-founders Ann Carpenter and Jim Cooper announced they will be using reCUPs at their upcoming IGNITE22 conference, held on April 12th, 2018 at Brouwerij West at the Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles Complex in San Pedro, CA. To learn more about this event, visit

“Thanks to the reCUP® Recycling Initiative, we are able to produce a more sustainable conference. We’re thrilled to partner with the Smart Planet Technologies team,” said Ann Carpenter.

The reCUP® Recycling Initiative is a closed-loop collection program that serves businesses, retailers, office buildings, schools and venues throughout Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties with a way to use less plastic and divert waste from landfills and our oceans.

Local recycling partner, Replenysh, will collect the used reCUP materials after the event and transfer them to Allan Company, a materials recovery facility (MRF). Upon receipt, the post-consumer reCUP materials will be baled and sold to a recycled paper mill where they will be pulped into recycled paper.

“Since post-industrial and post-consumer reCUP materials are easy for paper recyclers to process, and therefore valuable to collect, we’re providing businesses with a way to take responsibility for their waste and close the loop on it. Our platform allows customers to keep track of their landfill diversion impact and potentially participate in revenue sharing for the materials that we collect and sell to the recycling center.” said Mark Armen, owner of Replenysh.

reCUPs are available for ordering today through select distributors including Detpak, CupPrint, The Recyclable Cup Co and Evelina Eco. To learn more visit

About Braid Theory

Braid Theory, a strategic consulting firm, weaves together entrepreneurs, industry influencers and corporate partners to accelerate adoption of transformative technology, drive market growth and create profitable collaborations.

About Smart Planet Technologies

Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering and intellectual property company focused on material advancements for the packaging industry. Our proprietary EarthCoating® solutions use less plastic and support recyclability initiatives compared to traditional plastic-coated paperboard packaging materials.