Join the reCUP® Recycling Initiative!

  • By simply joining us, you become a part of the conversation and have an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, organizations and companies who also want to solve the paper cup recycling problem
  • Start using reCUPs for your business, retail shop, office building, school or venue in support of using less plastic and diverting waste from our landfills and oceans.

Spread the word!

  • Use your social media to spread the word about reCUPs and the reCUP® Recycling Initiative
  • Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Encourage your local coffeehouses to visit to learn more about how they can become part of the solution
  • Invite your family and friends, local businesses, schools, venues to join this important cause!

Start a reCUP® Recycling Initiative in your area!

  • Contact us to discuss how we can expand our program into your area.
  • Check back with us often as we have plans to expand our program rapidly and hope to start a reCUP® Recycling Initiative in a city near you.